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arktonic is a compound word of ark + tectonic and provides integrated design solution through the interdisciplinary research of urban, architecture, space, product design, branding and media art etc. It was founded in New York in 2012 and moved to Seoul in 2018. Based on an in-depth study of social phenomena, we explore various fields with the theme of building space. Major projects include the Sheraton Gunter Hotel Lobby in Texas and the Winter Pavilion at the Konjigam Resort.

Sangwook Park is a representative of arktonic and an adjunct Professor at Kookmin University. He studied architecture at Korea University and Harvard Graduate School of Architecture. He participated in projects such as  Manhattan 65-story residential complex project in New York, 252 E57st in SOM, New York and Ross Business School at Michigan University in KPF New York. He participated as a residential project in Ho Chi Minh City and Mass General Hospital as Project Architect. He has been selected as the Next Generation Design Leader by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy of Korea. He is the winner of the UIA competition and participated in the Venice International Architectural Biennale.


address: 2F, 18-3 Seokchon-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea

email :

phone : (+82 ) 02- 461-4409 

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